Coming January 9: Update On Haiti Earthquake

Two years ago this week—Jan. 12, 2010—a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti and devastated Port-au-Prince. Although the exact number has been difficult to determine, the highest reliable death count is estimated at 220,000 although Haitian government estimates are higher. The Presidential palace, Parliament and many other important structures were destroyed, along with countless homes and businesses, leaving 1.5 million to 1.8 million homeless. The country has yet to recover from the earthquake (and subsequent incidents) due, largely, to both the severity of the damage Haiti endured in 2010, as well as to public reliance on a government that was volatile well before the 2010 earthquake. United States aid organizations have donated $2 billion.

Meetinghouse, an association of North American Mennonite magazine editors, asked Sheldon C. Good is assistant editor and web editor for Mennonite Weekly Review to travel to Haiti under the sponsorship of Mennonite Central Committee to report on MCC's rebuilding work and its efforts to encourage Haitians.—Editors