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  • Proud To Be Mennonite

    We don’t always know how to answer when asked, “What is a Mennonite?” But it is an important question, and how we answer reflects our confidence, pride and knowledge of our spiritual heritage.

  • What Would You Do To Connect With God?

    The story of God and his people, including those of use who are Mennonite Brethren, is filled with examples of men and women who do  whatever it takes to join with and serve the God of the universe. As the Mennonite Brethren Church celebrates its 150th anniversary, we look at our history in light of the question: What would you do to connect with God?
  • Global Celebrations Honor MB Sesquicentennial

    Mennonite Brethren around the world will celebrate in 2010 the birth of the denomination 150 years ago.  North Americans are invited to converge in Vancouver, BC, July 12-18 for a week long celebration.