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  • Project Redemption

    A lot of people today are suffocating from the weight of sin and do not know who can rescue them. For these people—and all of us—Matthew 2 provides the answer.

  • Light Of The World

    When Jesus said, "I am the light of the world," he was announcing one more time that he is God, come to make sense out of confusion as he turns darkness to light.

  • My Christmas List

    What I don’t want for Christmas by Katie Funk Wiebe I have a Christmas list—what I call my Christmas non-gift list. These are the things I don’t want for Christmas. 1.

  • Incredible Smallness

    It pleases the Lord to do big things with the small and seemingly inconsequential. He did it at Christ’s birth and God continues to do it today. 

  • What Am I Waiting For This Christmas?

    Waiting is not a popular concept in our high-speed, express lane culture. But perhaps there is something to be learned in the waiting. God does some of his most gracious and loving work in the wait. 

  • The (Other) Christmas Story

    John's Christmas story in Revelation tells of a cosmic war between good and evil.